Why They Hate Trump

united nationsLet me begin by saying this is not a political article or a pro-Trump exposition to support some personal opinion. The name Donald Trump evokes a frenzy of positive or negative emotions among various groups of people and trying to convince any segment of our culture one way or the other is proving to be an exercise in futility.

The question does need to be asked however, why this man, unlike previous presidents, has such vicissitudal hatred directed toward him, his family and administration.  I’ve been asked by well-meaning people how Christians can support a man who appears to openly attack his enemies, has a questionable moral history, can’t seem to control responses toward those who disagree with him and has frequent twitter rants. The typical response is to remind people we were not electing a pastor but a leader of public policy. Christians do agree with his pro-life, pro- Christianity, pro-business and family approach.  It is rather disingenuous for Christians to call out what they see in Trump and then use the same temperament toward him- especially when the bible clearly tells us to pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2) and not to speak evil of the ruler of the people. (Acts 23:5) Others would suggest this anger is directed at the loss of the presidency to a man who polls suggested could not win, denying the first woman, the highest office in the land.

All of this, however, does not go to the root of the issue. There is something off the radar that most do not see and individuals who intentionally do not want us to see. We hear politicians and those in the media tell us we don’t have much time left and have been given a specific time frame by some of 12 years. Most of us roll our eyes and assume those are rantings of people who simply want a platform. This may not be the case.

The hatred of Donald Trump is not about the man, but an agenda. Agenda 21. Never heard of this? Neither had I until I began to look at a plan the United Nations intends to enforce here and around the world within 12 years by 2030. Look it up here. https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdgs  Agenda 21 was the result of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janerio Brazil in 1992 where 178 governments agreed on 17 action steps for worldwide control on everything from gender equality, the environment, clean energy, no poverty or hunger to reduced inequality and economic growth.  The keywords are “sustainable development,” which on the surface seems like an achievable and desirable goal.

These things in themselves may not be a problem until we understand the objective is to oversee, control and demand implementation in all the nations of the world including the United States.  This kind of one world oversight by a selected few is the end game of Agenda 21. So, when we hear congresspeople and media talking about the limited time we have left in the world, they are not grabbing opinions out of the air but are working feverishly to implement this by 2030.

This is why they hate Donald Trump. His election threw a wrench into what was supposed to happen. All of his policies including the “America First” verbiage is diametrically opposed to this global agenda that gives all nations the same moral, economic, emotional, environmental and spiritual equality. It’s not about the betterment of the human race, but about power and control; and anything or anyone who opposes it must be stopped.  In the minds of these globalists, another 4 years of Trump would not be terrible for America, as they would like us to believe, but would wreck a plan of world domination by a chosen few elites who think the rest of us are not smart enough to think for ourselves.

It may be the election of 2016 was the greatest reprieve and act of grace to this nation we have seen in the last 50 years. It would be wise for us to open our eyes and not be caught up in a false narrative to miss what the living God really intends for the nations of the world and our future.


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