Evin Prison in Tehran

Evin Prison in Tehran is infamous for its human rights abuses, execution of falsely accused political prisoners and silencing those who are Christians in the Country of Iran. Those who have been imprisoned in this awful place have shared with us how important letter writing has been for the release of prisoners. We are asking everyone who reads this to share the following letter, copy it and send it to Evin prison in Iran. Our goal is 5000 letters. Thanks for caring about the forgotten around the world.

Evin Prison, Tehran Dasht E Behesht St, Iran                                               

Dear Wardens, administrators, guards, judges, and overseers of Evin prison,

Your facility has gained an international reputation for human rights violations, injustice, torture, rape and false accusations toward those imprisoned. The inhumane treatment and poor medical care have resulted in delay of treatment for those who are sick and death to many as a result of the refusal to care for those needing immediate attention.

In addition, there are several “political” prisoners who have been falsely charged with spying and crimes against the Iranian government. Solitary confinement and psychological torture is meant to gain confessions to make the Iranian government look good at the expense of human life.

Even though you and the government of Iran appear to promote religious freedom, men and women are regularly imprisoned for beliefs that are different from the Muslim faith and executed if they do not recant Christianity. There is no religious freedom in Iran.

Furthermore, women are treated like animals, humiliated and suffer at the hands of guards who have no value for human life.

We are asking that all political and religious prisoners be immediately released, that medical care be brought to a humane standard, that facilities be updated, cleaned and all employees of Evin be held accountable for human rights violations and failure to provide basic dignity to all prisoners.

We appreciate your consideration of these needed changes and immediate actions that will show value to human life and the families of those involved and affected by imprisonment at Evin. We shall await your response and subsequent actions.


Your Name, City,  USA




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