Student Ministry Update!


Hey Parents,

I wanted to bring you up to date as we’re really excited with what we see beginning to happen with the students.  As you know, our mission together is to make a significant difference in the next generation by raising up prophetic leaders who can speak the message of Christ into the culture. Several students are making commitments to begin a leadership process we are calling Live, Lead and Link and we want as many as desire at CAC to engage their gifts with this process so no one is left out.  It’s simple- as student leaders are developed, we will ask these leaders to be an example of living for Christ, be a visible presence at church to lead and linking kids who are on the periphery at CAC to get them connected with other youth. Worship services are great but the longevity of any ministry is dependent on multiple leaders and teams to support the growth the Lord desires to bring. Our church has only been able to grow as we have multiplied leadership teams in other areas and this needs to be duplicated with student ministries as well. We’ve got great kids and we are going to intentionally pursue what God desires for them. Please encourage your child to be part of the Student Dream Team! 

To equip your child, 828 worship times will be designed to bring continuity rather than random subjects each time we meet. The 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, 828’s will have subject matter that will be further discussed in small group settings. Our goal must be to give students the tools needed to answer the questions they have, and are being asked of them by those they are in contact with every day. During one recent 828, we asked students to write down subjects they wanted answers about. Interestingly, the top 3 subjects requested were homosexuality, atheism and drugs/alcohol.  

We will place them in groups that separate Jr/Sr high and help them answer these and other questions. My preference would be to start this immediately. However, the holidays are approaching and we only have one more 828 scheduled before the end of the year on Dec.6th; so right after Ramp, we’ll start this important process for 2016. We are asking you to encourage your child to be part of the awesome future of student ministries at CAC. 

Remember, your input is valuable and expected at any time.  We are here to partner with you as a parent as you have the primary role of influencing your children. You will notice though we are taking a clear, direct, leadership role as we cannot casually sit back and hope for the best. So that you will know, I also have simple expectations of those who serve student ministries at CAC:

  • Commit, along with the students to Live, Lead and Link.
  • Speak well of the process and all leaders at CAC.
  • Resolve all conflict directly with those involved.
  • Be part of regular leadership coaching.
  • Pray for each other and engage ourselves spiritually so the presence of God can flood everything we do!

We also want you to be fully aware of how your teen will be able to connect here at CAC: 

  1. 828 Student Services– These student gatherings will be held every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. They will include times of worship, study, prayer, food and hangouts.
  2. Student Small Groups- There will be a number of small groups for your kids to participate in; everything from sports and various hangouts, to worship and prayer. During these weekly and bi-weekly small groups, team leaders will lead a brief bible study reflecting on that past Sunday’s message from CAC, take prayer requests and spend time helping to build healthy, God centered relationships with one another.
  3. Dream Team- Sundays happen because of the Dream Teams of CAC! Your child will be given the opportunity to serve Jesus and their church by participating in a serve. Each week students are serving in the children’s ministry, greeting new faces at CAC, giving coffee and snacks from the cafe, operating HD cameras and serving in many other areas of CAC.
  4. Student Events- Your child will be given the opportunity to participate in various events throughout the year. Some of these events include Winter Ramp, NC Summer Ramp at CAC, various concerts and other fun, relationship building, and large group times together.
  5. Outreach and Missions- Whether it is painting a building, distributing food to families in our community, giving Christmas boxes to families in need, or going on a missions trip, your kids will certainly have the chance to give back not just to their church, but also to their communities and people all over the US and the world.

I believe the Lord is preparing us for something great. With everything that may come our way as parents, I’m expecting awakening in 2016! With that in mind, we will ask everyone to fast and pray Mon-Wed, December 7-9, for Ramp and prepare ourselves for a spiritual jump start next year.

Remember, if you need anything, please contact me and Tiffany, LJ and Jesse Johnson or Chad and Tia Johnson. We presently have a great pastoral staff at CAC that can oversee this ministry indefinitely with great success. Team leadership is the best way to organize any ministry so it does not fall on one or two individuals so we ask for your prayers as we look to the future.

Your children are awesome and we personally count it a privilege to have the opportunity of influencing the next generation. 

Thanks for your investment in Student Ministries -2016 is going to be great as we move forward together with one vision! 

PM and Tiffany-

LJ and Jessie Johnson-

Chad and Tia Johnson-

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