Change the Church’s Teaching?

An ad was taken out in the New York Times recently, pleading with the Pope to change the church’s teachings on Gay Marriage. Tolerance has become a key word among many who advocate the inaccuracies of pro -gay theology.  However, is it really about tolerance or something else? Tolerance is defined as the “willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.” If tolerance were the desire, those who say we should respect each other’s opinions should be the most tolerant, even if someone disagrees. The fact is, the loudest preachers of tolerance are the most intolerant which suggests tolerance is a pseudo word for something else- legitimization. 

If this were just about tolerance, there would be no need to pass new laws about homosexual behavior as we could just all get along, even if we did not agree with each other.  However, when it comes to human sexuality, television, movies, elections, school curriculum and a host of other communication media are attempting to convince us that if the law or church teaching can change, any kind of sexual behavior can be legitimized and accepted in the culture. There is a very real attempt to teach the next generation that if someone disagrees, don’t tolerate them, silence them. 

The Faith in America organization has once again misrepresented true Christianity, misinterpreted the clear teachings of scripture and has misled the next generation into thinking they are youth advocates when in fact the only advocacy is an angry political agenda.  There are many youth looking for a way out of the gay/lesbian lifestyle and there is a way out. But it is not through organizations who want to use them as political pawns but through people who genuinely love them. The true church loves this generation and will walk with them through any struggle they may have. We must not let anyone tell them differently.

3 thoughts on “Change the Church’s Teaching?

  1. The problem I have with a word like “tolerance” is that it assumes the superiority of the one doing the tolerating. I do prefer legitimization, and other words like acceptance and equality.

    Yes, there are young people trying to find a way of not being gay. But that argument ignores the fact that most (by a large majority) who are, are not seeking a way out, but a way IN past the obstacles others put in their path.

    If some churches cannot currently find a way of accepting the equal validity (under God and under the law) of being LGBT to the validity of being heterosexual, then I feel just the same way toward those churches as you’ve expressed toward the young. I want to love them enough to help them out of their ignorance. I do believe through seeking guidance in prayer, and by trying to follow the path of pilgrims it will happen, even if not while I live.

  2. Thank You Mark for being a voice of clear reason and truth in a culture who chooses not to tolerate either. Blessings, Brother!

  3. Perhaps we should return to religious aristocracy. Mediterranean Christians (or those of that descent) should have rights of speech and expression that naturally precede the secondary, hop-a-long Christians. No?

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