Time to Get Uncomfortable

So the Justice Department has decided to enforce spousal benefits for same sex couples, even in states where same sex marriage is not permitted by law. Not only is this immoral, it is illegal.  The Department that is supposed to uphold the laws of state sovereignty has disregarded the will and laws of the majority of states and has decided to become a law unto itself.

This really is not a political issue; but we do miss sometimes that many of the moral battles of the day are fought on the political battlefield. For “Christians” to suggest we have no responsibility for this or need no involvement ignores the fact that of the 117 million people who voted in the 2012 Presidential Election, about 30 million (26%) were evangelicals. Of this number, 21% — or about 6.4 million evangelicals — voted for Obama. Really? Yes. Over six million people who call themselves born again, bible believers voted for a man who believes in abortion on demand, same sex marriage, the restricting of religious freedoms, a favorable view of militant Islam and is willing to bypass the law to accomplish a personal, world view, socialistic agenda.

What happened to these so called “Christians”? Did they leave their bibles at the curtain of the voting booth or are they so biblically illiterate that they really don’t know what God has to say about these things? Any believer who votes for people who are for the things God is against, is a traitor to the cause of Christ and needs to stop identifying themselves with His name to avoid further embarrassment to  Jesus.

2 things to consider: Elections have significant consequences, one example being the most recent decision by the justice department in failing to live up to its constitutional responsibility. We have no right to complain if we do not vote in upcoming local, state and national elections and should be ashamed if we are so blind to continue to allow a baby to be aborted every 20 seconds, 55 million since 1973 and care nothing about the morality of future generations.

Beyond this however is the compelling need for the true church to call out to the Lord for National, Spiritual Awakening, a third great awakening if you will that would turn our hearts back to the Lord.

No amount of political involvement will help if we have not returned to our first love. Jesus began His ministry with a word that has become uncomfortable and outdated for most people- Repent. This was not the word of some street preacher carrying a sign but spoken from the lips of Jesus Himself. May God help us to humble ourselves before him and get uncomfortable enough to do something- while we still have the opportunity.


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