Tolerance or Something Else?

The controversy with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has once again ignited the issues of free speech, religious opinion and the doctrine of tolerance that the LGBT says is central to having an understanding together about homosexuality, same sex marriage and relationships in our culture. However, is it really about tolerance or something else? Tolerance is defined as the “willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.”(1) If tolerance were the desire, those who say we should respect each other’s opinions should be the most tolerant, even if someone disagrees. The fact is, the loudest preachers of tolerance are the most intolerant which suggests tolerance is a pseudo word for something else- legitimization.

If this were just about tolerance, there would be no need to pass new laws about homosexual behavior as we could just all get along, even if we did not agree with each other.  However, when it comes to human sexuality, television, movies, elections, school curriculum and a host of other communication media are attempting to convince us, that if the law can change, any kind of sexual behavior can be legitimized and accepted in the culture. There is a very real attempt to teach the next generation that if someone disagrees, don’t tolerate them, silence them. That’s not tolerance; it’s dictatorship of human thought. The LGBT community is not interested in equality and civil rights; they really desire superiority of opinion.

And that is the hypocrisy in all of this. As social mores continue to shift, honesty will erode until we have a one sided doublespeak that will not support any framework of truth. There is much more to say about this in future posts, but I wouldn’t want to be perceived as intolerant…

  1. Meriram/Webster online

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